An Interesting Verdict

A man I was convicted of naming was today convicted of indecent assault.

Mr Mystery Man is a kiddy fiddlerA former prominent figure was today found guilty of indecent assault on a girl after a trial in the Nelson District Court.

The man who faced three charges of indecent assault has name suppression.

The jury took 14 hours to reach its guilty verdict on all three charges after a three-day hearing.

The Crown says the assaults happened at a Nelson house on December 30, 2009.

The Crown said the man touched the girl on the breasts while they were alone watching TV in the living room.

The man indecently assaulted the girl later when she had gone to bed, by touching her leg and genitalia with his fingers and then kissing her on the back when she rolled away, the Crown said.

The defence maintains the events did not take place.?The man?was remanded on bail until June 16 for sentencing.

So now a man convicted of indecent assault is roaming free on bail in Nelson until his sentencing. No one is allowed to know who this sexual predator is. Why can he not be named? Surely the Cappill precedent could be used.

I wonder if the Herald will spend more $100,000 pursuing this man like they did with Mark Hotchin?

The other thing is this man breaks one of Whaleoil’s Rules of Politics.