Banks confirmed for Epsom

John Banks has been confirmed as the new ACT candidate for Epsom.

Former Auckland Mayor John Banks was confirmed by the Act board this morning as Act’s candidate for Epsom in the November election.

The announcement was made at a press conference this afternoon in Newmarket, Auckland.

Mr Banks was favoured by new leader Don Brash, who last month ousted former leader and sitting Epsom MP Rodney Hide in a very public coup.

Mr Banks is a former National Party MP and cabinet minister. He, like Dr Brash, only recently joined Act – on May 18.

Act’s polling has improved since Dr Brash’s leadership bid, with a recent poll showing the party would pass the 5 per cent threshold to get into Parliament.

Now it will be interesting to see if Aaron Bhatnagar wins the nomination for National. What will be more?interesting?is to see other ACt candidates in vulnerable seats. Tamaki is vulnerable with National’s candidate barely breathing. I understand that there is sweepstake running in Wellington on whether or not he makes it to the election.