Cluster-Farrar gets one right

David?Farrar is speculating whether or not ACT will keep the ministerial?portfolios it currently holds. He clearly has a good source for his speculation, I wonder whether or not the sacks of gold bullion have been delivered to his private vault in Switzerland yet?

My sources in both National and ACT also conform this to be accurate. My understanding is that ACT will take the high moral ground and claim that, contrary to Farrar’s speculation it actually isn’t about salary, perks and baubles, it is abour stable government and principles.

Speculation should now turn to who in National will score Ministerial jobs.

The tipline tells me that Craig Foss is a definite for a portfolio, even though he has a gay ute, ?and there is the?possibility?that his Hawkes Bay mate Chris Tremain is also in the picture for a job.