"Computer glitch" – yeah right

David Cunliffe resorted to the excuse all fools use when caught out doing dumb stuff on the internet, he blamed it on a “computer glitch”.

A case of jumping the Budget gun only to shoot yourself in the foot? David Cunliffe, Labour’s finance spokesman, found himself a laughing stock in Parliament yesterday after a poll asking families whether they were better off or worse off as a result of the Budget appeared on his website.

The poll was an embarrassment for Cunliffe for two reasons. First, the Budget has yet to be delivered. Second – and worse from Labour’s point of view – nearly 90 per cent of those responding said they were better off.

Those respondents must have known something about the Budget that the rest of us won’t until this afternoon.

More likely, National supporters organised enough votes to skew the findings in their party’s favour.

Having ensured the poll was taken down from Cunliffe’s website, Labour was insisting the survey was one that appeared on the site after last year’s Budget. A computer glitch had resulted in the poll reappearing.

Yeah right, good one Cunners. You got caught, then you got your arse handed to you by bloggers and to top it all off Louise Upston took the cue from Keeping Stock and delivered the bitch slap for your stupidity.