Fun in the House

Labour seem to have nicked National’s election playbook….from 2002. They are mounting attacks on anything that moves in utter desperation of their predicament. They simply can’t see the wood for the trees. Trevor Mallard is flailing away on Red Alert smearing Don Brash as though he is the enemy, he is then in the House smearing people who aren’t even politicians randomly in a desperate attempt to join some dots that don’t exist. It is hilarious to watch.

Labour are essentially trying to re-run The Hollow Men meme. It might have worked in 2005 with mentions of American bag-men and the Brethren boogey-men but it won’t run now. They are simply chasing their tails for relevance

Watch as Goff and Mallard get smashed up by the PM and by Lockwood in Question one today. labour just don’t get it that ACT isn’t the enemy, nor is Don Brash. They are simply playing into Brash’s hands by continually talking about him. Right now any air time is good air time.

Heh…John Key suggested they hire someone like my hunting mate Simon Lusk to roll Goff.

Then I got mentioned again in parliament by David Shearer, this time on his beat up of a months old issue chasing Murray McCully. Again I have to re-iterate that if I could have gone after Murray McCully I would have, with boots on.

Hehe…Wayne Mapp suggested I was “woefully mis-informed”. He doesn?t know who my sources are so was prob?a?bly ill-advised to say that. But then again he has spent his entire career being ?woe?fully mis-informed? so he is National?s res?i?dent expert on the?topic. He then denied ever reading my blog…to guffaws from both sides of the house.

Nice to know that Wayne Mapp isn’t responsible for whether or not I am correct.

This beat-up back-fired on Labour though because Wayne Mapp slapped them back with an example of Helen Clark’s use of a 757. Dumb, dumb, dumb…as I said before wood and trees is the issue.