Giggs could have kept affair secret

Ryan Giggs is a plonker and that is made even more so with the news that the affair might never have been made public if he had not tried to keep it secret. He obviously has never heard of the Streisand Effect.

Ryan Giggs might have kept his alleged relationship with reality TV star Imogen Thomas private if he had not taken out an injunction to protect his privacy, the model’s publicist said today.

PR guru?Max Clifford said that, ironically, if the footballer had not taken out the injunction, then probably no-one would have known about the relationship.

He said Ms Thomas had never intended to sell her story.

The law on injunctions has been thrown into further turmoil after Giggs was named as the married star at the centre of a controversial privacy case.

Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming used parliamentary privilege to name him as the Premier League player who took out an injunction over his relationship with Ms Thomas.

Would anyone have cared about the names of two dogs if their names had not been suppressed?

The problem with secrets is everyone wants to know them.