H-Fee Hodgson strikes again

Pete Hodgson was Labour’s?brilliant?strategist who dreamed up the failed and botched H-Fee sting against John Key. Now he is the brilliant mastermind behind the so-called DPS spending scandal. Knowing that Hodgson was involved meant that it was only a matter of time before it went wrong spectacularly.

And it has.

You see Labour overspent by more than 700k in the last two years under Helen Clark.?She?had DPS with her full-time?from about 2007, as?mentioned in one of the stories I linked to in my post last night.

DPS overspend under Labour

Then there’s Goff saying he’d kit out the DPS wth Triumph motorbikes.

And that’s even before you get to the fact that $600k of the $800k overspend is from an agreement signed by Labour in the dying days of the previous Government.

Then there’s the fact that the police operate independently – with?Judith Collins skewering Hodgson?for smearing their judgment too.

Oh – and to top it all off there’s the fact that threats against the PM are?on the record.

This has become?a full-on cluster f*ck for Phil Goff. He should cut Hodgson adrift and fast. meanwhile Trevor Mallard, Chris Hipkins and Grant Roberston are all looking like complete tosspots as well.

Labour are out of ideas,?irrelevant?and flailing away at anything. It isn’t working. They really should have rolled Goff. Perhaps they should take the PMs advice and hire someone effective to do it and do it quickly.

Pete Hodgson is a mastermind strategist