Has Cameron Brewer sold his soul to the devil?

Has Cameron Brewer sold his soul to the devil?

Well maybe not but giving Brian ?Where?s my Theatre? Rudman his theatre may ensure good press in the Herald and the applause of ?the chardonnay socialist set but it will set back his mayoral ambitions.

Previous critics of the project, including Mr Lee and Orakei councillor Cameron Brewer, swung in behind after fierce lobbying by the strong arts vote in their wards.

The problem for Cameron Brewer is that he is now vulnerable from the right for pissing away ratepayers money on something that the liberal elite should pay for themselves. Times are tough, a sneaky and furtive mayor has backloaded rates increases and rate payers are not happy. This means that come election time Brewer will struggle with his argument he is the most electable, because a heap of people don?t like wasting ratepayers money on the pet projects of the liberal elite like Brian Rudman?s Theatre.

This makes him very vulnerable and open for attack from strong centre right candidate. He can’t promise to keep rates down because he is willing to swap sides on expensive projects that normal Aucklanders will never use, and probably don?t want.

A case in point is the lack of world class shooting facilities in the city. If shooters were like the liberal elite then they would be lobbying for the council to build them a?world?class shooting facility. Purely on numbers they would win the argument because there are more shooters in Auckland than poofs who want to watch men in tights prance on a stage. They don’t go to the council on the beg though, highlighting the difference between the liberal elite who want, nay demand, that ratepayers or taxpayers fund their hobbies or entertainment preferences and real blokes just getting things done.

Brewer has gone all metro-sexual and liberal elite, he has sold his soul to the devil.