Herald Witch-hunt

I see yesterday that Mark Hotchin has finally had a gutsful of the witchhunt being run at the NZ Herald by them and in particular Brian Gaynor. He has decided to sue their arses off them for defamation.

Former Hanover Finance director Mark Hotchin is suing the?Herald and leading business commentator Brian Gaynor for defamation over criticisms about the company’s collapse.

In a statement of claim lodged with the High Court at Auckland, Hotchin referred to a number of columns and a profile feature published in the?Weekend Herald between 2008 and 2011.

It says the articles had damaged his personal and commercial reputation and caused him to lose commercial opportunities in Australia and New Zealand.

The Herald attempts to editorialise in their headline claiming they are being sued for “alleged defamation”. You can’t of course be sued for alleged anything let alone defamation but that didn’t stop the herald.

I’m surprised they didn’t mention John Hotchin as the brother of Mark. i am also still waiting for The Herald to spend the same amount of money finding out the name of the politician with the secret dogs names as they spent overturning the historic name suppression of a victim.

I imagine that some of the evidence may well relate to the persecution and witch0hunt that the Herald has pursued against Mark Hotchin. There have been 125 days this year so far and the Herald has amassed 66 articles online that mention Mark Hotchin in the same time period. That is one article every two days.

To put that in perspective a similar search for Don Brash shows just 80 articles since the beginning of the year and most of those are in the past two weeks with more than 40. The other 40 are spread over the whole time period.

It is clear that the Herald has been running a campaign against Mark Hotchin in a bid to sell papers. I think he may well have a good case here.