Hubbard shops Trevor's murk

Anthony Hubbard is normally a better repeater than his effort today in the Sunday Star Times where he has basically listened to Trevor Mallard‘s fantasies, defamations and outright lies.

The Lame Duck (or is that chicken) is now crowing all over Red Alert about some evil plot to have a say in a referendum. It is a sad indictment on the cripple and his crippled campaign for Labour that he is?attacking the anti MMP campaign. I wonder how that is actually going to help Labour win votes.

Is he worried about his own campaign or just going to spend the next 6 months fighting me?

His hypothesis that Steven Joyce is somehow masterminding and sending forth someone ?to do his dirty work, someone he doesn’t even like or speak to is laughable.

As for my part, I’m in the same boat as David Farrar, a few phone calls somehow now constitutes strategic advice.

The thing that amuses me the most is that Labour seems to believe that people aren’t allowed to hold a view about MMP unless it is their view, and that if they do hold a contrary view then they shouldn’t be allowed to have a say.

If there was ever a reason to throw out MMP it is because Labour, to a man, woman and cripple believe that MMP is the best thing for New Zealand.