Hunting update

I have spent the past 4 days in?the?Central North Island learning to hunt Quail and Pheasant with dogs. It has been a?blast?and now I am knackered.

We have walked and driven most of the northern part of ?Kaingaroa Forest, up around Murupara and Kaingaroa township and some of the southern part near the Napier-Taupo highway.

I’m very pleased with my Beretta AL391 Urika that I won at Hamills Duck night, and now very pleased with my Tikka T3 .308 that I also got from Hamills Manukau. I will review each gun?separately?this week, but for now here is what I shot a 4pm this afternoon.

Whaleoil, Tikka T3 and Fallow Deer

It is a Fallow stag, sans antlers, I used a Federal Power Shok .308 Winchester 150gr Soft Point. The shot was 109yds and went through and through with a 2″ exit wound. On the way through it took out a couple of ribs. At 109yds the velocity is?2532fps and hits with 2134 foot pounds of energy. The little fella went down hard and never got back up.