I thought dog chipping was supposed to stop all this

When compulsory dog chipping was foisted on the nation it was all supposed to be for public safety. This was of course?mocked?at the time but studiously ignored by the politicians who knew best.

Now there are calls for compulsory dog registration and licences to own a dog.?Sensible???Possibly? but then when you look at statistics you realise that it is people who should be licenced to breed themselves and that parenting licences would have a far greater impact on child safety that more draconian dog laws.

The?article?even quotes two equally irrelevant?politicians?given us the dubious benefit of their equally useless opinions:

Local Government Minister Rodney Hide has pledged to reform dog control laws before the November election in the wake of the latest attacks.
He said laws were failing to protecting the public.

The architect of current dog control, former local government minister Chris Carter, yesterday said he believed current laws were comprehensive.

Given the parlous state of the Super City I look forward with relish to any solution Rodney Hide puts up to “protect the public”. He should instead look at?licensing?parents to havre children.Even Deborah Coddington thinks this is a good idea.

So if we get a Labour government we get a Ministry for Children instead of a Families Commission. Labour’s attempt to stop the killing fields, the feral “underbelly of intense violence in our community”, as Social Development Minister Paula Bennett calls it.

Even the Minister, with all her experts, has to plead for ideas through a newspaper column. You tell me what to do, she begged, seemingly bereft of new material. You can hardly blame her when others who’ve worked for years in the field see babies born to names like Cherish and Serenity get carted home to lives of anything but.

Nonetheless, amid news we’re on track for a record-breaking year of 6117 child abuse cases, we’re showing new Auckland mothers a DVD demonstrating the graphic effects of shaken-baby syndrome.

Nice try, but how about dragging some drop-kick boyfriends in, strapping them to a chair, withholding the methamphetamine for several months and force-feeding childcare lessons into them too?

If Rodney Hide wants to be?remembered?fondly rather than with derision then he could do worse than take up that particular issue?instead?of worrying about dogs.

More kids have been bashed, injured and killed by their parents or care-givers than ever been mauled by dogs and yet we seem to think it is ok to call for tightened dog ownership laws and ignore the killing and maiming happening to children before our eyes in the community, by animals far worse than a few mangy mutts. If Mrs Carruthers QC can see the problem, then why can’t others.

We need to get our priorities straight.

While I am on the this topic of needless law changes to solve problems that don’t actually exist the current Arms Amendment Bill is just such a law, with faceless bureaucrats re-writing our gun laws to solve a problem that simply doesn’t exist. I will post on that?separately.