Labour: Out of ideas now making shit up

Like many Labour people Chris Hipkins has no idea how business is run, he certainly has no bloody idea how things work in the motor trade.

Team McMillan is a franchise holder for BMW, any deal done by the government (or their agents) is done directly with BMW NZ, and a cursory glance at the companies register shows that there is no connection (other than the franchise agreement) between Team McMillan BMW and BMW NZ. Clearly Chris Hipkins, the wunderkind of Labour and their bright future, didn’t do even that.

For Hipkins or Labour to suggest that Team McMillan had anything to do with the purchase of the new ministerial fleet is nothing short of outright lies.

Big fleet clients or government departments have for some time now dealt directly with the importer. A recent government deal negotiated with Mitsubishi Motors NZ did not involve any of the Mitsubishi dealer network, this is standard practice.

The reason for this is simple, government departments and big fleet customers pay considerably less for their new vehicles than the dealer pays, understandably the importer is not keen for this heavily reduced price to become common knowledge. Unless of course work-shy fools like Chris Hipkins happen along and shoot off their mouth.

I suspect that Team McMillan would be quite keen for Hipkins to repeat his comments outside the house, at the very least if I was them I would be demanding an apology from Hipkins.