Labour's airforce beatup

I?ve found Labour?s attack on the Government?s use of the air force just a bit thin.

Phil Goff would never use the airforce for a photo op? would he? Surely not?

Wasn’t?Phil Goff the?defence minister and in charge when ?the Flight of the Toothbrush? took place?

?Conservation Minister Chris Carter called on a Royal New Zealand Navy helicopter to deliver a toothbrush he left after staying on the frigate Te Mana.?

And as I pointed out yesterday, Phil?s mate David Shearer?thinks he?s on to a winner by attacking Murray McCully for using the airforce to get to?Vanuatu?for a?Pacific?Islands?meeting on?Fiji where commercial flights were few and far between and?other Pacific VIPs piggy backed on his flight.

Really? Goff and Shearer, as people who’ve worked in international relations,?should be ashamed.

Both of them?understand the importance of the Pacific to us, and I have no doubt both of them have used airforce assets in an effort to further our?messages during short visits to?countries?where we have responsibilities.? I imagine Goff’s?24-hour flying visit to the Solomons is something he would defend strenuously.

A?generous observation?of this current campaign is that it?s?increasingly desperate and horribly hypocritical.?Like I said, I look for as many opportunities as I can to bas Murray McCully up, this wasn’t one of them…and that really grates that I can’t give him a kicking. Labour have literally screwed the pooch on this one.