Labour's big idea is…

We have waited almost three years for Labour’s big idea, yesterday Annette King delivered it, and it was still-born. At least it wasn’t Swiss Balls for all households.

Labour will dis-establish the Families Commission in its next term in government and instead set up a Ministry for Children, with a senior “minister for children” sitting at the Cabinet table.

The party’s deputy leader Annette King outlined the new policy in a speech to the party’s election year Congress in Wellington this afternoon.

She said Labour would also have an annual “Children’s Summit” with MPs, researchers, social agencies and academics.

She said Labour would pay for the new initiative from the current budget for the Families Commission of $7.7 million a year – more than the Ministry of Women’s Affairs’ $4.5 million.

She believed that $7.7 million was enough to set up and run the new ministry with some left over to be used by other departments on policies affecting children.

“It still astounds me that in New Zealand we have a minister for race horses, a minister of the Rugby World Cup, a minister for senior citizens but no minister for the most vulnerable in our community, our kids.”

No problem with dis-establishing the Families Commission but very opposed to pouring the money into another government department. While it may astound Annette King that we have a minister for racehorses it must have escaped her, or perhaps she willfully ignored the fact that she was a key member of cabinet that vastly increased subsidies to the bloodstock industry and racing clubs so that Winston peters could continue to support?them. It probably also escaped her that Winston’s secret backers were all race horse fanciers. So while she is astounded we are not.

This is precisely why Labour languishes in the polls, irrelevant and ignored by the general public. They just keep on coming up with tired old solutions that always include more bureaucrats and more money which is all paid for with even more borrowing.

Why don’t Labour just come out and say they want a Capital Gains Tax to pay for everything. They know they want one, we know they want one, it is only cowardice that is keeping them silent on it.