Labour's got nuthin

Labour's got nothingLabour are now complaining about the PM’s official residence being painted. They are really plumbing the depths of irrelevance.

With Trevor Mallard running the nasty lines and with the others running the stupid they are proving daily that they are out of idea, have no policy, and are paying for second place. Chris Hipkins is a Clark taught spin weasel so not?surprising?he is in on the act.

It also shows just why Clinton Smith was brought into the Goffice. So that Labour could go feral.

Unfortunately everything they run turns to shit. The signs were illegal, the billboards got mocked, the DPS sting backfired, and now the house painting is going to as well.

You see, Labour is beating up about a house painting but they forget that they?authorized?the spend up of $46.6 million in order to makeover the country’s most expensive state house, Government House in Wellington.

Yet another fail from Labour.