Len goes corpse cuddling

With the tornado in Albany the other day there was a tragic death. Conor Roberts, Len Brown’s top spin weasel put on his Facebook page an attack on the media for wanting to interview the family of the deceased man. He called them “evil bastards”.

At the same time as he was getting stuck into the media though Len Brown was arranging his own visit with the grieving family. Not only that he was briefing the media about it all behind the scenes hoping to arrange some nice shlock shots of that nice Mr Brown hugging some grieving relatives.

Is Len Brown similarly an “evil bastard” for wanting to door-stop the wife of the poor fellow who died?

Conor though must have had an attack of the guilts because he has since deleted the offending Facebook post. Shame though because The Whale grabbed a snap shot, now he just looks like he was trying to hide it.

Conor Roberts insults the media