Mad Minto meets Mana

I see from the news that Hone Harawira is recruiting John Minto, and he is raving about him like he did about Osama bin Laden.

Left-wing activist John Minto has confirmed he is considering standing for Hone Harawira’s Mana Party at this year’s general election.

The anti-apartheid protester told TV3’s Firstline he will make the decision based on whether he thinks he can make a greater difference inside or outside of Parliament.

Mr Minto said the new party, formed by Mr Harawira in the wake of his departure from the Maori Party, “has the values a big chunk of New Zealanders would support”.

“I have never joined a political party in my life,” Mr Minto said, adding the party had policies which were good for future generations

John Minto has never been one of those who has been part of anything that a “big chunk of New Zealanders would support”. In fact quite the opposite. I wonder though how a life long communist is going to cope being part of something that also involves life long racists Annette Sykes and Hone Harawira.

Any party that has Bomber Bradbury as its single cheerleader is always going to struggle. In the past few weeks he has turned Tumeke into the unofficial mouth-piece of the Mana Party.

So far the Mana party has all the hallmarks of being the rent-a-mob party full of rowdies and drop-kicks.