Mana (not to be confused with Mana)

An astute reader emailed me about the pending registration of the Mana Party:
  • the name of the party is the same as the name of an electorate (ie the Mana electorate, obviously!);
  • as far as I know this is without precedent in NZ; and
  • it might fall foul of s65 of the Electoral Act 1993 accordingly:

65 Parties with certain names not to be registered

The Electoral Commission shall refuse an application for the?registration of a political party if, in its opinion, the name of?the party or any proposed abbreviation?

(a) is indecent or offensive; or

(b) is excessively long; or

(c)?is likely to cause confusion or mislead electors; or

(d) contains any reference to a title or honour or similar?form of identification.

Arguably confusion or the potential to mislead would arise if the Mana Party were to field a candidate in Mana.

Interestingly there is another Mana party, but in India. It has some similarities with the Mana Party here:

Mana Party (‘Our Party’) is a?political party in?Andhra Pradesh,?India. It was founded in 2007 by 93 BC Castes’ Aiykya Vedika. MLC Kasani Gnaneswer is the president of the party. The party seeks to represent?backward caste interests.

Speaking also about confusion, there could be some?issues?for the registration of the logo. Te Mana K?rero is a government organisation that is part of the Ministry of Education, it has a logo that is not dis-similar to the Mana party logo. Sure it uses a different font but it has the same triangle devices in the letters and uses the same colour for the lettering.

Te Mana Korero logo

Mana Party logo

Mana Party logo

It will be?interesting?to see if the?Electoral?Commission says anything about this.