Message to Labour – Drop the Lie

Someone once gave me the advice that you should never EVER try to spin a lie.

Own up, accept your mistakes, apologise where necessary, and then move on. labour stillhaven’t done any of that. They still think that the electorate was hoodwinked by a nasty John Key who really eats babies. We know they still think this because they continue to run these attack lines despite all the evidence to the contrary that they are working. Still we can’t expect much better from Labour when they appoint a political cripple as their campaign manager and hire muck-rakers like Clinton Smith aka Steve Pierson aka MartyG into the Goffice.

That?s why Labour?s latest change in strategy is all the more baffling.

A big part of Phil Goff?s current story is that Labour left the books in great shape, and that in 2008 the incoming Government inherited zero net debt.

This is the big lie that Labour is trying to sell, and it banks on the public having worse memories than your average gold fish. (Treasury?Forecasts: Page 46)

On the forecasts that the National Government inherited debt was never ? EVER – expected to turn around.

The country had entered the recession before the rest of the world, Cullen famously claimed he?d stripped the fiscal cupboard bare

Before his 2008 Budget and these Treasury forecasts were based on maintaining Labour?s previous spending. the claimed that surpluses were structural when they were not, but they left us with expenditure which was more than structural, more like foundational.

Had these settings been maintained, as Phil Goff and Labour has argues, (including the R & D tax credit) the country faced a decade of deficits with surpluses nowhere in sight.

This was before we knew the full extent of the Global Financial Crisis, and before the Canterbury earthquakes.

Yes, Treasury forecasts aren?t always accurate ? but if Labour?s banking on growth to pay for its promises whose forecasts is it going to be relying on?

If Treasury does in fact overstate growth (as Labour is currently claiming) then how does Phil Goff explain the dismal forecasts that the current Government inherited. Were they undercooked too or is he saying Treasury is shaping its forecasts to suit the Government of the day?

So what is Phil Goff?s amazing new plan?

  • Bringing back Labour?s more expensive Emissions Trading Scheme
  • Resurrecting the easily rorted R & D tax credits (Alan Gibbs Aquada development?)
  • Opposing Working For Families changes
  • Opposing the suspension of payments to the Super fund
  • Opposing the reprioritisation in Early Childhood Education
  • Opposing Kiwisaver changes
  • Opposing mixed ownership of state assets (READ: $7b more debt)
  • Proposing a new ?children?s? Ministry
  • Raising the top tax rate but maybe giving a cut of $10 a week – sometime

That was precisely the plan that the electorate rejected in 2008, resoundingly.

Labour?s ‘big’ plan then was for a mini-Budget because they had no answer to the global meltdown.

Nevertheless, it?s the same plan Labour?s banking on in 2011 and it?s prefaced on the lie that Labour left the books in tip top condition after nine long years at the helm.

I recall Labour used to bang on a lot about economic transformation.? That slogan had its birth in 1996 when Trevor Mallard said farming and tourism were past it and New Zealand would become a nation of ?thinkers?.? But after nine long years Labour?s promised land never eventuated. The terminal poor were still poor, they were still living in the same crappy crime infested suburbs, their kids going to the same crappy schools and working in the same crappy jobs. Nine years of Labour did nothing for them and never would have if given another 3 years. The only thing past it after all that time is Trevor Mallard, the political cripple.

Does Labour seriously think the public, or bloggers won?t remember what they left us with?