More Labour lies on the DPS

I see Trevor Mallard’s?claiming?(on Kiwiblog) that Goff mis-spoke and his leader didn’t mean to?target?the police who tail John Key in Parliament but instead Labour is?attacking?the DPS who look after the?PM?when he goes to?the gym.

This change in tack?has been forced on them?after?one?of?the?major planks of their DPS spending smear on John Key was exposed as a lie by me yesterday.

Hilariously, Trev now agrees Clark did have police with her in Parliament – but only one – and only when she walked to the debating chamber.

Wrong again. Here’s a nice shot of?Mallard and Clark at Parliament?and two DPS chaps in the background. Is there anything?Mallard?can get right at?the?moment?

Mallard and Clark with DPS

However, Mallard’s?still claiming Clark never had police with her?at?the gym.

Trev’s hasty re-write of history?leaves us asking whether?Clark?ever went to the gym.? A quick search?tells us?see she did.

Braun-Elwert has been impressed with the Prime Minister’s determination. On each trip she has been a little fitter, a little more assured in her climbing. He says she goes to the gym two or three times a week, working hard and systematically on cardio- vascular and upper-arm exercises.

So which gym?gym did she go to, 2 or three times a week? Looks like Les Mills in central?Auckland:

I do recall Uncle Helen was a regular gym goer at Les Mills in Auckland Central.

So Mallard wants us to believe that Helen Clark?never took any security with her when she went to Les Mills in central?Auckland.? She didn’t take a VIP car, and didn’t have any police?company – she?just nipped off to the gym all on her own.

It just doesn’t wash, and I’d be very?surprised?if no one?comes forward to confirm?Clark?often had company at the gym.

So let’s step back and consider?where Labour’s up to with this failed DPS smear:

  1. Labour technically overspent by?more on the DPS
  2. Clark had full-time protection (even in Parliament)
  3. While?Labour claims the DPS never went with her on holiday – how much did the taxpayer fork out for the flights and?accommodation?of her company – Darren Hughes, Chris Carter, Peter Kaiser,?Peter Davis?
  4. Will Goff decline security and police advice?for the election period?
  5. Was Goff lying when he assured a victim of?Christchurch?that he’d ride?from?Wellington?to show his support with DPS on motorbikes alongside him?
  6. Confirmation?that a Labour Government would reject the best police advice and tell them how to do their jobs.

Then there’s Labour’s latest mud flinging exercise about the paint job on the historically listed Premier House in Wellington, which is used by community groups. Farrar?mocks this?latest piece?of Labour dirt.

But let us look at some of the house costs under Labour and see how they compare to around $200,000 on painting Premier House:

  • $1.133m on Vogel House when Jim Anderton lived there
  • $46.6m on Government House
  • $215,000 on Premier House in 2000
  • $177,000 on Matt Robson?s Wadestown Ministerial House

So labour spent the same amount on painting Premier house that they now claim is?extravagant?for john key, plus there is the?outrageous?amount they spent on a house for the Governor-General.

The PM had it right on Breakfast this morning when he accused Labour of scraping the bottom of the?barrel?because no one trusts their gimmicky policies.