NEWSFLASH #2: John Key tells the truth on the ETS

Hot on the heels of Phil Goff telling the truth about the the ETS, John Key has got into the game.

Key and Nick Smith have always said their ETS will be fiscally neutral.? It was even part of their election manifesto:

[The ETS] should be fiscally neutral rather than providing billions of dollars in windfall gains to the government accounts at the expense of businesses and consumers.? National does not think it’s responsible for government to use green initiatives to pad the Crown coffers while thinning out Kiwis’ wallets.

Since the election, John Key and Nick Smith have kept up this lie, saying their ETS would be fiscally neutral.

But yesterday, John Key finally told the truth.? He said that bringing agriculture into the ETS would raise money for the Government:

They are bring farming into the ETS two years earlier, so they gain revenue of $355m.

What?s in the water in Wellington?? After years of lying and saying the ETS is an environmental policy rather than a taxation-by-stealth policy, now both the Leader of the Opposition and the Prime Minister are both telling the truth about it!