NEWSFLASH: Labour tells the truth

Labour has said it will use the Emissions Trading Scheme to fund its R&D policy.? At least they are finally being honest that the ETS is not an environmental policy and nothing more than a tax.

Back when David Parker was Climate Change Minister, he advised the Chairman of the ETS Select Committee, Charles Chauvel, in a secret paper that the ETS would raise $21 billion in extra tax by 2030. ?That?s why Michael Cullen and the Treasury always supported the ETS even though they knew it would hurt the economy ? it was a dishonest way of raising taxes.

The paper was kept secret and Labour always denied the ETS would raise tax ? but Whaleoil has been given a copy by a deepthroat in the Treasury.

Nick Smith and Bill English are also lying when he says the ETS is fiscally neutral.? ?Smith supports the ETS because he is a mad greenie and his mate English supports it because he wants the $21 billion.

So, congrats to Labour?s Phil Goff for finally telling the truth ? the ETS is all about taking money out of our pockets and handing it over to the Treasury to spend.

Letter From Minister Re Revenue and CPR 30 May 2008