Of Coups and MMP

The importance of good advisors

Two political stories focus the spotlight on the need for good advisors. The first is the successful Brash coup against Rodney Hide.

This was the battle of two sets of advisors. One set a bunch of?sycophants?and adherents who let even the remotest possibility of the leader being able to be rolled to exist in the forst?place, and the other set a small focussed group with a single purpose.?The clinical and swift execution of Don Brash’s?leadership coup last week did not occur by chance or?by accident. It occurred because the people advising Brash were better at war-gaming than the?sycophants?advising Rodney Hide. ?To quote General George S. Patton:

A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.

Don Brash’s strategists had a good plan, and they violently executed it. Meanwhile Rodney Hides strategists were trying to come up with the perfect plan to defeat the assault of Don Brash and by the time they got it ready the battle was over.

Hone Harawira also shows why good advisors are necessary. Hone is dumber than a sack of hammers. He?even?admits that privately to?colleagues. But what Hone has that Rodney Hide didn’t is advisors that individually and?collectively?are smarter than him. Rodney Hide has a prodigious intellect. He is one of the smartest politicians I have met, however he didn’t surround himself with smarter peoiple. It’s hard when you are smart yourself but the people you surround yourself must provide you with smarts you don’t have.

Don Brash knows that he sometimes says dumb things. His advisors knew that too and so they kept him focussed with simple messages. They were playing to two of my Rules of Politics….the first rule is that if you are explaining you are losing. Don Brash never explained, he just acted and in doing so he kept rule number 10 which meant that the story told was Don’s story. Along the way he also covered off Rule 8 and Rule 9.

I am now going to add another rule of politics. It will be Rule 13, It is the Patton Rule.

MMP debate

An online poll with over 20000 voters has over 80% of people?saying we should get rid of MMP. This is good news for all?those that do not like politicians because MMP is a system?that politicians control.

MMP is a system that protects politicians from the voters.

Thats why it is the favoured system of the political elite,?the rest of us cant get rid of MPs we dont want any more. We?can give ourselves the chance to get rid of the scum MPs?that wouldnt honour the results of the smacking referendum,?the referendum about crime and the referendum about cutting?the number of MPs.

The referendum at the end of the year is our opportunity to?stick it up the politicians. I’ll be voting to reject MMP to?send a firm message to politicians the people of New Zealand?are sick of them.