Oh come on

I’ve been driving today, from the hell hole of the North Island back to home, via Taupo and the rifle range (more on that later).

However I saw this on Stuff just before I left and it has been gnawing away at me all day.

Veteran activist and unionist John Minto pledged his support to the Mana Party yesterday, after a lifetime of political neutrality.

“Labour pretended to represent working New Zealanders, but it doesn’t. It represents the corporate working New Zealanders,” he said.

John Minto claiming a lifetime of political neutrality is like Marilyn Monroe claiming she was the next Virgin Mary.

I can’t believe the repeaters let him get away with that statement. Even Wikipedia notes:

John Minto (b. c.1953) is a?New Zealand based political activist known for his involvement in various left-wing groups and causes, most notably?Halt All Racist Tours. A 2005 documentary on?New Zealand’s top 100 history makers listed him as number 89. Today he is involved with the protest?group?Global Peace and Justice Auckland and the?Unite Union.

Yeah that really sounds like a lifetime of political neutrality. I can see the Tui billboard now.

John Minto: A lifetime of political neutrality

His website is full of “politically neutral” postings. Ones like this:

A similar thing happened here in 2000 when the Labour/Alliance government increased the top tax rate to 38c. Economic growth?increased despite National claiming it would be a brake on the economy.

The most interesting theory I?ve seen to explain this is that many of the rich are inherently lazy and they work hard only when their share of national income is reduced by taxation. If they have it too easy they spend even more time over long liquid lunches and the like and because they control most of the capital for investment, the economy falters. Remember the awful behaviour and conspicuous consumption which marked the tax cuts of the late 1980s? Expect to see another round after 1 October.

Yeah that is really neutral. John Minto is a anarcho-communist. But ironically even they get a vote.