Please Run Winston, Please

This week has been a great week.

On Tuesday Mark Mitchell won the National selection in?Rodney, putting an end to the skullduggery that was aiming?to be the beachhead of a fundy take over of the National?Party. Peter Goodfellow personally thanked me for my help in?outing the fundies.

On Wednesday Hamill’s Duck Night saw me the lucky winner of?the Beretta Urika 391 Classic, so I am now properly armed?for the gamebird season.

Thursday saw Don Brash become leader of the ACT Party, which?most had not thought possible. The tipline was as busy as it?has ever been.

Friday saw David Farrar in a topper and morning suit at a Princess party explaining that the reason the new media beat?the old media is readers feel a personal relationship with?bloggers and are much more willing to pass on information.

Saturday was a day of rest.

Today hopefully will be sighting in my Tikka T3 .308 with a?Zeiss scope from Hamills in Manakau.

So a great week all around. It could only be made better if?Winston Peters runs for office. Word has been quietly?getting around the traps that if Winston runs I will run?against him, and there has been a flood of offers of?donations for the campaign against Winston.