Rangitikei Selection – Congratulations Ian McKelvie

Clear favourite and Manawatu Mayor is the National Candidate for Rangitikei. He beat Fleur Greig, Roger Hynd and Reon Hince to the selection. People in the room have told the tipline was a very solid performance from an experienced and competent politician.

Ian will face a competent campaigner in Josie Pagani, who will be backed by a lot of union muscle and the acknowledged campaign mastery of her husband.

Unfortunately for Josie she has lost her composure and got way off message, criticising National?s selection process.

Mr McKelvie’s main competition in the electorate will come from Labour candidate Josie Pagani, who welcomed him into the contest but raised concerns about the fairness of the selection process. “Serious questions need to be answered about whether National followed its own processes and sought out the best candidate, or closed ranks to keep energetic younger candidates out.”

Why Josie didn?t have intelligence to talk about what Labour would do for Rangitikei is beyond comprehension, but the left love throwing mud and maybe Trevor Mallard was running her messages. She should have been making a case for Labour representing a seat that returned a Social Credit candidate in the 70?s and 80?s so has a track record of doing odd things.

Josie stop listening to Trevor and start talking up your own message. And as readers know this blog outs skullduggery and bad behaviour, and believes the 60 delegate selection process run by National means the electorates get who they want, rather than having candidates forced on them by the National Party. Even New Zealand?s favourite grandmother, Maggie Barry, was beaten by Jami-Lee Ross in Botany when she was the party hierarchy?s preferred option.

Labour can hardly point the finger about selection processes with their union dominated and headquarters rigged process.

Obviously Josie hasn?t met either Fleur or Roger who are both a little dated, and can’t be described as young even by the most charitable individual.

As a footnote, due to Nikki Guy?s tragic family circumstances Nikki withdrew from the Rangitikei selection. Nikki is a Palmerston North City Councillor and exceptionally highly regarded by seasoned political veterans.

Nikki is still young enough to have a career in parliament and I wish her luck changes in the future as she will make a very good MP and a big contributor to New Zealand.

National now just needs to complete the Epsom selection, which i’m told is shaping up to be very interesting.