Rational or Extreme?

John Key is in the?Herald?today rudely dismissing Don Brash’s Dear John letter.

Prime Minister John Key won’t bother replying to Don Brash’s Dear John letter which criticises his economic policies, and yesterday dismissed it as a marketing tool from a party with extreme views.

As I have pointed out before Don Brash’s policies and Act’s policies are no more extreme than those of Julia Gillard in the Australia.

Interestingly in parliament today though he commented about Phil Goff’s economic?polices?between 1984 and 1990:

It would have rational economic policy, like Phil Goff had between 1984 and 1990.

I wonder how ACT’s polices can be “extreme” yesterday and the same, if not similar policies between 1984 and 1990 are now “rational” the very next day. Or is it just a case of John Key’s personal dislike of Don Brash showing through in his commenting about ACT?

Get the story straight John, or just keep quiet.