Schlock Jock in action again

Schlock Jock Anderson has still got a bad case of Hotchin Derangement Syndrome and the NBR is still trying to sell subscriptions to their paid content by selling off of the back of Mark Hotchin.

The latest example shows just how low, their ethics, and their editing qualities have sunk. Despite their vaunted techno solutions to prevent people spreading their stories around no matter how poor quality they are, here is a taste of their crap.

Not only is Schlock Jock Anderson suffering from a bad case of Hotchin Derangement Syndrome but he is now also using the name of Rodney Hide to try to sell subscriptions.

Anyone learned person easily knows that Jekyll and Hyde is spelled with a ‘Y’ and to spell it with an ‘i’ is only serving to use another persons name in an attempt to get readers to buy content.

Apart form?the?outrageous headline, attempting to leverage of the Hotchin name, Schlock Jock Anderson then proceeds to mangle a few facts into a whole lot of un-necessary paragraphs repeating several times the “Hide” error. About the only mainstream media technique he didn’t use in this poor quality schlock piece was to use his now infamous epithet:

Perhaps he is learning. Cactus Kate certainly bashed him hard the last time he went all silly and she doesn’t hold back now either.

In her post slamming him before she called him “Shock” Jock ANderson. After this poor showing I think he really should be called “Schlock” Jock Anderson.

The Wikipedia description of the word “schlock” certain seems to apply:

Schlock is an?English word of Yiddish origin meaning “something cheap, shoddy, or inferior (perhaps from German?Schlag, Yiddish?shlak, meaning ‘a stroke’)”

In the field of science, “schlock” refers to shoddy or unreliable results. In art, “schlock” is sometimes used as a synonym for?kitsch.

The?insistence?of mainstream media outlets to continue to try to sell papers and content with sensationalist headlines and outrageous word-smithing is certainly” cheap, shoddy and inferior”. It is the sort of thing Barry Colman accuses bloggers of in his attempt to remain high-brow and charge for his schlock content.