Sneaky and Furtive Rates Subterfuge

Len Brown’s sneaky and furtive mayoralty rolls onwards. Now he is being sneaky and furtive over the rates.

A better-than-expected 3.9 per cent rates rise for Aucklanders this year excludes an extra 1 per cent sting in the tail.

Council officers have deferred $400 million of capital works in this year’s budget which are “likely to increase the projected rates increase for 2012-2013 by 1 per cent”.

When campaigning Len Brown promised rates rises of no more than the rate of inflation. When he set the rates initially at 4.9% he copped a flogging. So now he has performed a sneaky and furtive sleight of hand, which is fast becoming the hallmark of his?mayoralty.

He is now loudly proclaiming he has managed to reduce the rates burden but he has just actually, sneakily, deferred it.

It is a very strange decision by Len Brown who should have front loaded the pain so his re-election chances?weren’t?hurt by a big rates rises and being defined as sneaky and furtive.