Strange decision by Police

Generally the Police do a great job, but?occasionally?they fluff stuff.

A?North Canterbury businessman is fighting charges of kidnapping and assault after tackling two alleged burglars at his Kaiapoi premises.

Clemence Drilling owner Dave Clemence was arrested after the April 8 incident, during which he and several employees tackled two men believed to have stolen diesel from the Smith St site.

Clemence declined to comment yesterday, saying he did not want to “pervert the course of justice”.

However, he told the Northern Outlook newspaper last month he could not understand why he had been charged.

He said he took the men to the Kaiapoi police station on April 8 and did not know how the pair had been injured.

“It’s unbelievable. Kidnapping? We dropped them off to the police,” Clemence said.

He said he would plead not guilty to the charges when he appeared in the Rangiora District Court on Wednesday next week.

Clemence said several of his workers tackled the men and held them down while he dialled 111. One of the pair broke free, but was chased down.

Two weeks later police asked him to make a statement, he said.

His company premises had been burgled six times in recent months, and his ute had been stolen on March 16, Clemence said.

Detective Sergeant Rex Barnett said the two men told police they had been kidnapped and assaulted by Clemence, the paper reported.

Police considered the injuries to be serious and “consistent with the claims of assault”, he said.

The men required treatment at hospital.

It’s ridiculous. Some thieving scum tell the Police that they were kidnapped when they were actually dropped off at?the?Police station and now the Police charge the guys that caught the thieving scum.

Sometimes the Police should just take down the details and then lose them…like you know what they do for Daljit Singh and Darren Hughes and all the other Labour politicians they have investigated and done nothing over.

This is just such a case. the bad guys got caught, they got a slap and then they were delivered to the?coppers. That should?have?been the end of it. I’ll bet you that when the Police saw that the bad guys had a few black eyes that the Police went into CYB mode and took them to the hospital so they weren’t accused of letting them fall up some stairs. That then started a trail of events that has now meant they are prosecuting some guys for catching burglars, which kind of what the Police’s job is.

As I said, generally the Police do a fine job, but sometimes they fluff one.