Stupid repeating

What is it with the mainstream media. Check out these articles from the past week, all have one thing in common. The silly and unnecessary addition of ?”is the brother of Mark Hotchin” or something similar in articles about John Hotchin.

Nathans directors ‘could have been more conservative’
New Zealand Herald
A fourth director, John?Hotchin, younger brother to Hanover’s?Mark?Hotchin, pleaded guilty to similar charges in February and was sentenced in early?…

Hotchin fronts up to Nathans trial
Hotchin, brother of former Hanover Finance director?Mark Hotchin, had earlier pleaded guilty to three charges of making untrue statements in a Nathans?

John?Hotchin testifies against former directors
John Hotchin is the brother of?Mark Hotchin, whose failed finance company Hanover is also being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office and the Securities?

Nathans came close to merger -?Hotchin
Nathans Finance – co-founded by John Hotchin – was close to being merged with another finance company owned by his brother,?Mark Hotchin, just six months?

This article in the NZ Herald doesn’t even mention John Hotchin’s name in the first sentence, only that of Mark Hotchin.

John?Hotchin admits Nathans Finance documents wrong
New Zealand Herald
The younger brother of former Hanover director?Mark Hotchin pleaded guilty to Securities Act breaches in February. His sentence was reduced from a jail term?

That is just from the last 72 hours and all the stories have nothing at all to do with Mark Hotchin other than it is his brother appearing in court ratting on his former mates.

I wonder how long it is before the media reports that someone with the same last name as former Hanover director Mark Hotchin was caught jay-walking in Levin on the weekend.