The etcetera policy

Support for the?etcetera policy?.

Chris Hipkins says:

May 9, 2011 at 8:10 pm

Monty ? happy to debate the bigger issues with National any time, any place. Unlike the govt we?ve actually proposed changes to address cost of living issues (GST off fresh fruit and vege, cheaper early childhood education,?etc), raise incomes (minimum wage increases, tax-free threshold, etc) and get the economy moving again (monetary policy changes etc).

Seems the strongest policy here is?ETC?.

  • Fresh fruit and veges ? at the most $6 a week for a household…
  • ECE ? where?s the cash coming from and when?
  • Minimum wage ? 6000 jobs lost.
  • Tax free threshold – $10 by 2016 ? if Labour can work out how to pay for it?
  • Monetary policy changes ? bigger mortgages/higher interest rates??.

The?non-etcetera?promises here amount to $16 a week…. maybe….. by 2016.

I certainly support etcetera.