The Pants Down Election just got a lot more interesting

Sources inside the ACT bunker are telling me that the Sunday Star Times are going to run a story about Don Brash and a secret love child.

This is an interesting play from Rodney Hide, trying to win back the party he lost. Rodney?s problem is his staff have worked out that he is not coming back after the election, and they had better make sure they have jobs after the election. This means nothing Rodney does is ever secret, which is bad news for him. What with him and/or his staff feeding Trevor Mallard directly with gossip and rumour and now this nasty little tale about a love child, things are looking pretty dire for Rodney.

The tipline is saying Rodney is due back in the smoke filled room to tell him he needs to leave immediately, or he will be blackballed. For a man known as ?that lying little c***? or the most hated man among the staff at Wellington Airport, Rodney does not have many options. If he leaves on bad terms his chances of securing employment are minimal as the smokers have the ability to black ball him totally in the private sector. Banksie and Brash can block all government appointments so Rodney might be back to the oil rigs.

iPredict have just set up a market for Rodney losing all his portfolios before June 1, and the smart money will be buying up this stock as fast as possible if my tipline sources are to be believed.

ACT is leaking like a sieve, and the tipline has had to be taken off the hook to give some serious time to doing other things, and there are many things that need verifying. Apparently there are a couple of MPs whose matrimonial vows have been forsaken, and one in particular has been texting women about his joystick.

All this is likely to appear in ?The Swallow Men – Confessions of Political Groupie? available from this blog August 31st.