The Pants Down Election

Stuff are running stories about Don Brash getting caught?having an affair. This is a well known story, and the only?surprise is that it did not come up while Don was executing?his leadership coup.

What this does is set up all rooting politicians as fair?game for the media this election. This blog is all for this,?exposing sleaze, corruption and bad behaviour of our elected?representatives is a great sport and will provide the voting?public with a lot of gossip during the coming campaign.

Expect many politicians to be caught with their pants down,?and careers to be ended. This should come as no surprise to?anyone in the know as our politicians are no different to?politicians in any other country, but they have yet to be?caught out.

This is one reason why I will be releasing “The Confessions of a Political Groupie” on 31 August.