The sneakiness and furtiveness of Len Brown continues

The other day Brian “Where’s my theatre?” Rudman was upset and mystified:

Why Auckland Zoo wants to keep secret an offer of two orphan baby elephants is a mystery. Anyway, it had no sooner confided the confidential news to a workshop of Auckland councillors via individually addressed sealed envelopes, than up it popped on Twitter.

One councillor got his envelope through the mail, it had no “Secret” stamp on it, and as is his way, he sought advice from his online friends. Members of the media included.

Rudman is right to question the sneakiness and furtiveness, and also right to wonder why they even bother in this modern age. The fact that he uses Twitter is also revealed. Rudman is upset probably because he thinks that money should go into his theatre and mystifed for some unknown reason.

However I disagree with Rudman on one point.

It’s not a mystery reallty, it is simply a continuation of Len Brown’s culture of furtiveness and sneakiness that he brought from Manukau. He has a long, long history of being sneaky and furtive. He likes to hide things. When ever he is challenged by citizens under the LGOIMA his first reaction is redaction, then a cover up, then ignoring the requests and then finally when he gets hauled months later before the ombudsman he finally comes clean.

He did it with his dinner at Volare, he did it with the exit payments of his Chief Executive, he did it with his secret board appointments, he did it with the furore over the Maori Statutory Board and he is now doing it with a deal over elephants.

Len Brown campaigned on honesty,?openness?and integrity. So far we have had sneakiness, furtiveness, closed doors and obfuscation.