The worst budget ever?

Phil Goff stood in the parliament yesterday and read his speech written the day before. His research unit had let him down, he had nothing and he knew it.

His best and only decent line was that in his 27 years (thanks for reminding us how long you’ve been there Phil) in parliament that this was the worst budget he has ever heard.

He obviously enjoyed Roger Douglas’ budgets between 1984-1988 when he sat in the government benches as a cabinet minister. Wikipedia notes:

In the disputes between?Roger Douglas (the reformist?Finance Minister) and other Labour MPs, Goff generally positioned himself on the side of Douglas, supporting?deregulation and?free trade.

So Phil Goff thinks Bill English’s tinkering, boring budget was worse than all the reforms that ripped Labour asunder. Does that mean he still supports those reforms, because you know those budgets were better than Bill English’s.

He also thinks that Bill English’s budget was worse than Ruth Richardson‘s Mother of all Budgets. A budget that Labour spent long nine years in government ostensibly to unravel the reforms of Richardson and Douglas but in fact did nothing.

Richardson’s first Budget, which she had jokingly dubbed “the mother of all budgets” — a term that would haunt her political career?compounded this unpopularity, as it significantly cut state spending in many areas as an attempt to bring deficits under control.

So even Ruth Richardson’s “mother of all budgets” was better than Bill English’s droning discourse.

Does Phil Goff even realise what he said? Two budgets that Labourites, almost to a man (is that man Phil Goff?), say are the?worse?budgets ever, worse even than Arnold Nordmeyer‘s Black Budget.?And Phil Goff thinks that Bill English’s budget is worse than those two.

The man is a dick. If that is the best he can come up with after 27 long, mediocre years in our parliament, with a list of achievements he can write on the back of the postage stamp then he has no right to presume that he can lead this nation.

With his lifetime of mediocrity in the house, one thing is for sure, Phil Goff will never be considered for important overseas postings like the head of the IMF. That possibility will go to people who delivered better budgets than Bill English, according to Phil Goff.

Meanwhile I await Labour’s alternate budget…let’s see if they have any plans other than to borrow more of other peoples money.