Three mentions in the HoS

WARNING: Vanity post

I was mentioned three times in?separate?articles in HoS today.

Supressing the dogs of law
New Zealand Herald
Blogger?Cameron Slater, who writes under the nom de plume Whaleoil, spent much of last year breaching suppression orders to express his support for open?

I was interviewed for that article on Wednesday by Jo Knowsley. Fisher also called me Wednesday for his article.

Saucy MP stories in new book
New Zealand Herald
Blogger?Cameron Slater plans to dish the dirt on male and female MPs from across the political spectrum. He said he had kiss-and-tell stories from women who?

If you want to register your interest in the book?and go on list for the first edition then email the?tipline with the word “Book” in the subject line.

The last article was a mention by Deborah Coddington.

Deborah Coddington: Treaty stands firm amid redneck one law vote bid
New Zealand Herald
If Act is serious about equality before the law it could take a cue from its mate?Cameron Slater, who has waged a personal campaign against name suppression?