Whale vs. Duck

Whaleoil vs Mallard

Update on?the?challenge.

I have accepted Trevor Mallard‘s challenge. He has rejected stepping in the ring (gutless) but has agreed to a re-match at Sporting Clays though that will have to be after the election. He needs to learn how to shoot and his shoulder is busted.

I don’t really care because I am going to kick his arse in the?cycling?on August 15 and he will have wrecked himself trying to man up in the cycling.

Just to update readers, today is day one for training and since I don’t yet have a bike sponsor I will have to rely on walking, running and visits to the gym to stationary bike.

So I went for two 10km walks today to get started. I wonder if Trevor managed to even get in his washing from last night? It’s probably still hanging on the line.

Now to line up the following:

  • A bike
  • Some gear to wear
  • A route for the race
  • Helmet cams
  • Chase car (sponsorship deals available)
  • Ambulance (that’s for you Trevor)
  • Support crews (I suppose Trevor will be able to call on the EPMU)
  • A diet
  • An exercise programme (I wonder if I need a rowing machine, probably get one second hand off Trevor)