Where have all the Clocks gone?

If things in the new Super City under the furtive, secretive and distinctly opaque governance of Len Brown weren’t bad enough then the news that?the?City has lost 10% of its clocks under the watch of Len Brown.

Daylight saving changed over on the 3 April, 3 weeks ago, and a small army of council workers set about changing all the council owned clocks. These are teh ones on plinths, monuments and council buildings.

There was a slight problem however. The new City’s asset database is so woefully incomplete that approximately 10% of the?clocks?that the city owns don’t exist in council records. The council has been?receiving?calls from concerned citizens for three weeks asking why their local clock is out.

Now you may say whoopy, so what, but that would mean you aren’t seeing the big picture here. You see if the council can’t keep track of a small number of assets like clocks (around 200) then how on earth are they going to manage with things like cess-pits, culverts, watercourses, sports fields and so on.

The situation is dire. Maintenance contractors are being asked to bid right now on an asset database that is so wrong that simple things like clocks are missing. The council’s own officers admit this. If they are 10% out on clocks how far out are they on other items?

To be fair to Len brown, he doesn’t probably even know that the clocks are missing or that the asset database is so hopelessly corrupted, but he should, because it will trip up his plan to shave $20 odd million from the contractor’s budget big time.