Which NZ politician will be caught pantsdown

This election is shaping up to be the pantsdown election. We have already had the secret love child accusation, which frankly given the alleged source of that rumour was kind of dangerous living. We have also had the resignation of a Labour “star” after a naked bloke was seen running from his and the deputy leader’s house. Stuff has an article about the Sex, lies and the reckless choices of power.

Sex and power are no strangers. History is littered with tales of the powerful and privileged felled by sex scandals.

But make no mistake. If IMF chief?Dominique Strauss-Kahn is found guilty as charged of attempting to rape a hotel maid in New York City, he would be in a league virtually of his own.

Few have been accused of a violent crime like Strauss-Kahn. The world financier and French presidential hopeful was charged on Sunday with criminal sexual act, unlawful imprisonment and attempted rape in New York City after a hotel maid said she was assaulted.

“Politics and power and sexual harassment certainly have a long history,” said Michele Swers, associate professor of government at?Georgetown University. “This being an attempted criminal rape is, I think, of an order of a different magnitude.”

There is no shortage of powerful leaders who fell from grace for affairs, prostitutes and groping. Sexual indiscretions have weakened governments and buried political careers on both sides of the Atlantic, today and in ages past.

New Zealand has thankfully not had to endure a decent pantsdown scandal, but given the nasty way that Labour is shaping up and the way that the bunker acted during the ACT coup it is highly likely that some NZ politicians are going to join that long list of those politicians taken down by their indiscretions.

While a sense of strength and fearlessness and a near disregard of consequences can make for great, powerful leaders, the problems come when they do not acknowledge they are human, said Robert Weiss, founder and director of the Sexual Recovery Institute, which specializes in sexual addiction.

“If their narcissism or egotism isn’t matched by a healthy dose of humility of what it means to be human … and they run on their intellect and don’t attend to their emotions on any level … then they are bound for trouble,” said Weiss.

There are more than a few New Zealand politicians on both sides of the house who should be heeding the advice of Robert Weiss.