Why is Mallard's default position to lie

Most MPs go to parliament to make a difference. Most are reasonably honest or as honest as a politician can be. Few of them though deliberately make shit up or lie straight up.

Trevor Mallard isn’t one of those. Given the opportunity to speak his default position seems to be to lie.

During the 2005 election campaign Trevor Mallard told two proven lies. The first was that National was being funded by American Bagmen. When?confronted?with his accusation he strangely shut up and failed to produce a shred of evidence. The second lie was that the Government had sold the Skyhawks. Trevor had lied about that sale before in 2003 and he lied about it again in 2008. The Skyhawks were never sold, no monies ever?received?and now the government is giving away?the?Skyhawks as statues for towns, RSAs and cities.

This election Trevor?Mallard?has been appointed Labour’s campaign manager. Given his track record in telling lies it is certain that this campaign will be filled with Labour lies and especially from Trevor Mallard.

Take the other day for instance. Trevor was proclaiming Labour’s great billboard extravaganza. I commented and Trevor replied…with a lie.

Trevor Mallard liesThis is a lie.

The billboard clearly has an ‘authorisation’ on it and no parliamentary crest. All the billboards likewise carried the same authorisation.

At all times the crest has been required for Parliamentary funded material.? No crest?= no Parliamentary funding.

Trevor Mallard may be confused with the billboards that Bill English ran, which did have a Parliamentary component – but this was?long before?Parliamentary funding of?this type came into the public?spotlight.

It was all within the rules of the time.

Yes it was outside the 3 months – just as Labour’s billboard campaign now is – and Labour imposed the odious Electoral Finance Act to stop it because when they were in Government it was apparently?’cheating’.

If Trevor Mallard wants to talk about this stuff maybe he could talk a bit about the $20 million working for families advertising campaign? The same campaign the Auditor-General found breached regulations.

As I said at the beginning of this post Trevor Mallard is a liar. His default position is to lie, and I have set out why I believe that Trevor Mallard is a liar. He has a proven track record in lying. It is highly likely that anything that Trevor Mallard says is a lie, given his proven track record.

Labour are going to let a proven liar and political cripple run their campaign. Make no mistake that they will will lie when they can.