A gay email from Mickey Savage

Greg Presland is a snivelling cuntOne of Labour’s Hollow Men is Greg Presland aka mickeysavage. He is a snivelling?despicable?pinko. He has spewed bile all over The Standard under his pseudonym “mickeysavage” in recent days about me. All of it defamatory. It is quite sickening the things he has had to say about people who suffer from depression.

He is a lawyer who should know better. He somehow feels that he is more qualified than my GP, my psychiatrist, my psychologist and WINZ to assess my mental health capacity. I am?thoroughly?sick of his crap, and will now lay a complaint with the Law Society about his ongoing defamations as a lawyer.

He has sent an email to Peter Goodfellow, the president of a party I am not even a member of, and has said I can print his email as long as I do so in full , so here it is complete with his email address and mobile number as he requested.

I won’t be providing him with any response given one of his comments about me was:

Feck him. ?If he wants to undermine a collective community I am fecked if I am going to contribute to his salary. ?He is at the extreme edge of the continum and ?I know this makes bad law but he is a bludger and should be forced to work.

He is at the bottom 1% of beneficiaries. ?The remaining 99% should feel safe. ?But he is a bludger and should be ashamed.

The caring left. There is much worse. It will be a cold day in hell before I give anything to him other than a spit in?the?face. He can shove his notice. I am not afraid of a broken arsed flea lawyer from out West.

Greg Presland <[email protected]>

Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 11:07 PM

To: [email protected]

Cc: [email protected]

Dear Peter

There has been some recent publicity concerning the National Party’s downloading of information from a Labour Party server which regrettably was not as secure as it might be.

From today’s National Business Review I note that you have confirmed that a National Party staff member “accessed” the data. ?By this I anticipate that you mean “downloaded”. ?The data has also regrettably found its way into the hands of Mr Cameron Slater.

I am pretty sure that some of the data was mine. ?I donated to the Labour Party to purchase some “Stop Asset Sales” signs as I considered this a worthy cause to support. ?The idea of selling an interest in our power companies to essentially overseas interests is frankly insane. ?I paid for the signs by credit card and I am concerned that the National Party now has my credit card’s details.

You can imagine the worry that this has caused me. ?It is bad enough that your party has my credit card details but there is the strong possibility that your organisation has also facilitated Cameron Slater aka Whaleoil to obtain the same information. ?I cannot imagine what he will do with this information.

So I seek the following from you:

1. Advice on what data your organisation holds concerning me.

2. Your organisation’s undertaking that it will not disclose any information that it holds concerning me to any third party.

3. Details of information already supplied to Mr Slater concerning the security problems that the Labour Party server had.

4. Details of information supplied to any third party which may include data that relates to me.

Please note that if I suffer any monetary loss because of the actions of your organisation then I reserve the right to seek damages.

I am sending a copy of this email to Mr Slater so that he is also placed on notice. ?I also seek the same information from him. ?If he does anything that causes me loss then I reserve the right to seek redress from him personally.

I note that Mr Slater has chosen to print previous emails from Chris Flatt. ?He is at liberty to print this email but only in full.

Finally please note that I require a response within the next seven days.

Greg Presland

[email protected]


Phone 021998411