Armstrong on Brownlee

John Armstrong is generous with the accolades for Gerry Brownlee today:

It may not be the done thing to go into bat for?Gerry Brownlee, but a lot of the stick he has been getting as Earthquake Recovery Minister has been unwarranted.

Sure, Brownlee’s patience can run too thin at times. Sure, there has been the occasional glitch in his running of his portfolios. Sure, it is blindingly obvious that you don’t tell people something is blindingly obvious. And we won’t dwell on his biggest political misjudgment – the misguided plan to let mining companies dig up national parks.

But when it comes to nous and instinct, Brownlee is the politician’s politician. On Thursday he stepped up to the mark and delivered the goods when it really mattered.

That would be nice of John if he was right.

Last Thursday wasn’t about Gerry delivering….anyone who knows anything about Christchurch knows that there are thousands of campervans locked up in Addington without a single occupant, that there are hundreds of temporary house likewise locked up without occupants.

Sources close to the PM are disappointed that Gerry is getting all the accolades when anyone who read bewteen the lines that Thursday was the PM’s work and Captain Panic Pants saved the day on this one.