Bring Back Darren

It seems there is a growing consensus that now the Police have decided not to lay charges that Darren Hughes should be or could be rehabilitated.

His biggest redeeming features seems to be everyone likes him, he is funny, witty and doesn’t belong to any factions. Not exactly star qualities but there you go. For a Labour party bereft of any talent it seems Darren Hughes was it.

About the only people not falling over themselves to let Darren back in though, are the the Labour party.

There are any number of ?safe Labour seats where the incumbent could drop off the list and give their?place?to Darren to return in a few short months. Annette King for one. It has been widely tipped that her former flat mate was being tipped to replace Annette King in Rongotai anyway after the next term. She has a safe Labour seat and a high list ranking, she could give up her spot for Darren.

Trevor Mallard and Grant Robertson are?likewise?in safe Wellington seats and have decent list ranking that would help Darren Hughes return. Perhaps they could take one for the team and drop their list position.

After all the pronouncement it seems that this is the easiest solution for Labour to make amends for the?appalling?way that Phil Goff handled the situation.