Citizen A – 3 June 2011

Cit?i?zen A ? 7.30pm tonight Stratos Free?view 21?&?Sky 89

Tune in to join Wha?le?oil and his revolv?ing panel of blog?gers and Auck?land opin?ion shapers as they offer an up-to-date half hour review of the polit?i?cal media issues of the cur?rent week from a very Auck?land perspective.

THIS?WEEK: Edi?tor Sel?wyn Man?ning and that awful Bomber Bradbury?

Issue one: Now Cam has been outed as being part of a cabal plan?ning to spike?MMP?on-line, should he stand trial for trea?son and how will the right attack?MMP?

Issue two: The Ide?o?log?i?cally stacked Wel?fare Razor Gang have given John Key all the ben?nie bash?ing he needs for the elec?tion with the most vul?ner?a?ble and weak?est mem?bers of soci?ety being told to do with less for Gov?ern?ment eco?nomic incom?pe?tence, Auck?land has the largest urban poverty, how will we be impacted?

Issue three tonight: Rod?ney Hide said it would cost $126 mil?lion ? the?IT?blow out for the Auck?land Super City hits over half a bil?lion ? who is to blame? Who is going to pay and where are all these sup?posed sav?ings from the amalgamation?

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