Darren Hughes won't be charged

The Police have announced that Darren Hughes won’t be charged, stating there is insufficient evidence to warrant a prosecution.

The focus though now will have to fall on Phil Goff and how he handled the whole situation. When the allegations?first?broke Phil Goff?initially?wanted everything hushed up until the Police had?finished?their investigation. That would mean if Phil had his way then today would have been the first we were hearing about all this.

Then there is the conflicting positions that Phil Goff has had through this whole matter. In one interview with Radio Wammo he left the door open for Darren Hughes to return.?Goff suggests Hughes could be back if he’s cleared 4’48″ish onward (if charges were laid he’d be gone).

Astute journalists are already focusing on this aspect of the case.

Fran O'Sullivan on Phil Goff's position with Darren Hughes We also are waiting to hear from Annette King about what she knew and when?

Meanwhile I look forward to seeing how Labour will spin this up for Darren Hughes return. Given Phil Goff’s recorded pronouncements on the matter this should be a given. One has to ask though why Goff forced Hughes out, rather than just suspend him pending the outcome of the police investigation?

UPDATE: Trevor Mallard is putting about that Hughes has been cleared and that the information was leaked by the beehive, both of these pronouncements are false and he knows it. Once again trevor’s forst?instinct?is to lie. He is also saying that Darren Hughes is a great guy and can now rehabilitate himself. Fair enough on that I guess.

I have a great idea, how about Trevor or some other safe seat Labour candidate take themselves off the list and give their spot to Darren Hughes so he can come back into parliament at the election.