Epsom Selection Update

sacrificial-lambRegular readers of this blog know that I do not endorse candidates for selection, and encourage the party members to make the selection they think is best for their electorate. The one exception was the Skullduggery in Rodney where this blog opposed the fundy take over of the party in the form of Brent Robinson, and endorsed all four other candidates.

In Epsom National is looking for someone to take one for the team and lose to Banksie so ACT survive. They would be hard pressed to beat Banksie anyway, as Epsom is his home territory, and he has won a lot of votes in the electorate in local body elections.

At this stage there are four known candidates to be sacrificial lamb, Aaron Bhatnagar, Denise Krum, Mike Loftus and Paul Goldsmith.

Aaron Bhatnagar

Aaron is an old mate and been a loyal servant to C&R, ACT and National.


  • Former Councillor
  • Former Epsom Electorate Chair
  • Generous donor to National Party causes
  • Former Young Nat
  • Good campaigner who ran a strong direct mail campaign to get three C&R councillors elected in the Hobson Ward in 2007, including Epsom selection opponent Paul Goldsmith
  • Staunch right winger who will not be afraid to stand up in caucus and stick it to the wets
  • Can self fund his campaign and probably drop a few quid in the distressingly empty tin of the party president


Paul Goldsmith

A serious, sober individual who won all manner of awards when he was at Grammar at the same time as this blogger. Failed to translate this wonkishness to mastery of the poker table. Not that electable due to an unfriendly personality, so the ideal candidate for National when all they want is someone to take a dive.


  • Former councillor, elected together with Aaron Bhatnagar in 2007
  • Long time party servant, running in Maungakiekie in 2005
  • Written lots of books for wealthy people so should be able to touch them up for a campaign donation
  • Black belt at some martial art meaning he can carve up annoying constituents whinging about not enough cycleways or wanting money for Gay Pride Marches


  • Extremely limited interpersonal skills making it difficult to convince people to vote for him
  • Lost to Cathy Casey in the Eden Albert Roskill ward at the Supercity elections

Denise Krum

Denise is the daughter of former National MP Graeme Lee (who defected to Christian Democrats), and former United Future party president. She did not make the final five in the Botany selection in January.


  • A woman, and word from inside the beehive is that Captain Panic Pants has ordered a big shipment of antacids for when Labour start attacking National for being a cockfest. Only one of the 2011 intake is guaranteed to be a woman, with Maggie Barry in North Shore. The other safe seats have all gone to men.
  • Good CV with plenty of community involvement
  • Good political background


  • Projects poorly due to amateur speaking style and poor dress sense
  • Former United Future Party President
  • Graham Lee?s daughter
  • Didn?t even make the final five in Botany

Mike Loftus

Mike is an all round good guy who in another era might have been a solid National MP. Probably doesn?t offer a lot to caucus at the moment though, as it is overpopulated with White Middle Class Males and Captain Panic Pants is panicking about this already.


  • Good guy, most likable of all the candidates
  • Good team man who wont cause any problems
  • Best of all four candidates out on the hustings, someone voters will warm to very quickly


  • WMCM and there are too many of them in National
  • Offers National nothing special or different

As always candidates are welcome to send in posts, promotional material or anything they like to this blog which will publish it unedited in the interests of keeping the public informed. Good luck to all, it is just a shame that this seat wasn?t selected last year.