Friday Firepower – Hunting Taniwha

By all accounts taniwha are fearsome creatures that will require some serious firepower to put down hard. I have compiled a selection of interesting weapons that could be used.

Consultants’ preferred route would avoid the tributary and the stream, except for drainage through Queen Elizabeth II Square next to Britomart, which was an unreclaimed part of the harbour when the stream was buried.

But Mr Hawke said the taniwha swam into the tide as well as up and down the stream.

Len might give you a special permit to wait at the stream mouth for the taniwha to fill it with lead. Kev is on his way in the Hilux to help.

SOme suggested rifles would be the awesome Rigby Double Rifles. At $32500 USD though I might need a treat settlement to be able to afford one for taniwha hunting. Realistically I would need to get it in at least .577 Nitro Express and those rifles start at $44,500 USD.

Given the fearsome reputation of taniwha I should really be considering something like .700 Nitro Express.

Holland & Holland make the Royal Double Rifle which is an eye watering starting price of??95,000.

If you are going after taniwha then this is probably the puppy and a hell of lot cheaper than feeding the taniwha its usual diet of coinage and notes.