Gerry Brownlee cops one in the chook

In the interests of making the election more interesting it appears that the MSM have decided to become the official opposition, because Labour?aren’t?any good at serving her majesty in opposition.

Today we have seen two scathing attacks on Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee, one from Vernon Small and the other from Bryce Edwards. Small wants Gerry to actually do something rather than plan and talk. Edwards is far more straightforward, saying:

?The Minister for Earthquake Recovery, Gerry Brownlee, appears to be part of Government?s problem, and increasingly he appears to be almost a lame duck minister. There must be questions asked about whether he was the right person for the job. He is reported today, as saying he does not accept that Christchurch residents are in limbo.?

The tipline has been busy processing a large number of leads for Whaleleaks, but disturbing news is coming out of the socialist republic of Christchurch that certain people down there who have a fair bit of weight to throw around are throwing it, because they think Gerry has been throwing his ample weight all over the place without actually doing anything. This is beginning to piss off certain people who inhabit smoke filled rooms and make important decisions about Canterbury, and have done for generations.

Gerry never having been the most popular man in the socialist republic, being neither college nor school, and regarded as a bombastic speaker who hides his laziness with a sharp tongue. The tipline reckons that the PMs office is getting rather tired of having to spin patience when they want something to be done. This will be no surprise to regular readers of this blog as Gerry known to be highly unpopular with Key media man Captain Panic Pants for completely ballsing up the mining on Schedule Four land. So there is ample suspicion of the ample bloke amongst staffers too.

Labour appear to be missing a big opportunity to make everyone think that Gerry actually caused the earthquake in the first place, rather than blaming Jim Anderton. This transfer of blame would be pretty straight forward for anyone but a cripple of a campaign manager, especially when there are some very nice compare and contrast stories between Christchurch and Japan.

I reckon that as soon as Labour stop fighting me and start being working over the big fella then Captain Panic Pants will need a serious course of blood pressure lowering medication.